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Vishal Eco Brik offering excellent quality bricks such as Fly Ash Bricks, Fly Ash Blocks.
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We are engaged in manufacturing premium quality Fly Ash Bricks which is available in various sizes.
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Technical Info

These bricks do not require soaking in water for 24 hours. Only sprinkling of water before use is enough.
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Vishal Eco Brik- Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturer in Lucknow!

Vishal Eco Brik Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturer in Lucknow, Fly Ash Blocks, Fly Ash Bricks

We are one of the Manufacturers / Suppliers of Fly Ash Bricks in Lucknow India known for the optimum quality and tough features. These are highly strong, durable and are extremely useful in construction. Our fly ash bricks are of the highest quality and have high compressive strength.

Fly Ash bricks are light weight material compared to clay bricks, so it is suitable for multi storey building, Less weight means Less stress on building, safety assured. Our Fly ash bricks have the following salient features:

  • High Compressive Strength
  • Low water absorption
  • Dimensional accuracy / Uniform Shape
  • High strength / weight ratio
  • No emission of green house gases during production
  • Zero efflorescence
  • Economical & environment friendly
  • Good earthquake resistance features

Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturer in Lucknow

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